Happy is a very cute 2 year old dog who was found on the side of the road at a young age. She was taken to the shelter and when a spay was attempted, they found they were not able to open her mouth to put her tube in. Happy eventually made her way to us, and a CT showed two bones that had fused together on the right side of her jaw. This prevented her from being able to open her mouth. It seems like her jaw was broken on that side and the pieces fused together as they tried to heal. Using the CT, we were able to print a 3D model of her skull. This allowed Dr. Rossi and the staff at Veterinary Dentistry and Oral Surgery of NM, to visualize the bone we needed to remove and where we needed to do it. Now, Happy is able to chew larger treats and food. We are very "Happy" for this sweet girl! Press the play button on the video below to see her progress! "We can not say enough thanks. Happy was a fighter from the first moment. Thank you that you gave Happy a normal dog life back!" -R.S. El Paso, Texas