Extraction of teeth can be “awfully simple” or “simply awful”! And if you’ve ever tried, you will know where the frustrated phrase “it’s like pulling teeth!” came from.

Canine gum with stitches after procedure

Come learn how to make your life easier at our hands-on extraction lab.

Our next scheduled classes are:

Canine: Not scheduled.  

Feline: Not scheduled.
*Attention: If you are planning on attending our Feline Extraction Lab, we require a pre-approved or previous attendance at a VDOSNM extraction lab as a prerequisite for this course.* 

If you are interested in attending a class or being notified when the next one becomes available, please email Dr. Bannon or call 505-471-0747.

The class includes:

Morning: Lectures
Oral analgesia and local block techniques, extraction techniques, tips and tricks, including discussion of oronasal fistula repair

Afternoon: Hands-on Wet Lab

  • Extraction of single and multirooted teeth
  • Each participant will have their own high-speed workstation and equipment
  • Class size is limited so that each veterinarian can have individualized instruction

Breakfast and lunch are included!

For the hands-on wet lab, we recommend starting with canine extractions if you have never taken a hands-on extraction lab before, even if you are most frustrated with cat teeth. The basic principles are easier to learn on a dog, and they apply very nicely to a cat later. Please ask for more information and let us know when registering for the class!

Access to dental radiographs will be provided for assistance with extraction but instruction on radiographic positioning and technique will be limited to extra time available

New Mexico state law requires that only veterinarians are allowed to perform oral surgery. Therefore, this class is limited to veterinarians only.

Class price is $625 + tax. However, if you plan to attend both classes, we have a special offer of $1,195 + Tax!

This class has been approved for 8 hours of CE Credit with the NM Board of Veterinary Medicine.

Location: 5 Camino Karsten Algodones, NM 87001

Time: 8:00am to 5:00pm

Want more info? Call or text us at 505-471-0747! You may also email us with any questions you may have concerning the course.