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Introducing Our Tableside Cone Beam CT Scans with the VetCAT!

Veterinary Dentistry and Oral Surgery of New Mexico is now offering tableside Cone Beam CT scans for pets with the VetCAT, a small portable CT scanner from Xoran Technologies LLC. VetCAT CT scans take only 10 seconds and generate high-quality 3D x-ray images of the oral, dental and skull anatomy, enabling us to quickly identify hidden diseases and injuries at the time of their patients’ procedure significantly more than with just intraoral dental radiographs or even conventional CT. The slice thickness of a Cone Beam CT is at least 1/10 of a conventional CT, so we are able to visualize subtle dental lesions that might be missed without it. This means more accurate diagnosis and faster treatment for pets. If you have a patient with a jaw fracture, retained tooth roots, an unknown facial swelling, or a known tumor, call or text us for more information about getting a scan performed! (505) 471-0747

We also welcome and perform Cone Beam CT scans on an outpatient basis. Aside from dentistry and jaw-related diseases, the CBCT is very useful for evaluation of ear and bulla abnormalities. Please send a completed referral form to our office by fax 800-646-9352 or by email to Referrals@VetDentistryNM.com to schedule an outpatient scan.
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