Above, Dr. Bannon is performing two root canals on a captive tiger at the Wildlife Waystation in Sylmar, CA. Dr. Bannon joined a team of veterinarians and veterinary dentists who volunteered their time and supplies to perform much needed dental care on a variety of captive wild animals. This “Veterinary Dentists without Borders” is coordinated by the Peter Emily International Veterinary Dental Foundation.

For more information on the Wildlife Waystation in Sylmar, CA, and to support their wildlife rescue efforts, go to their website at www.wildlifewaystation.org

For more information about “Veterinary Dentists without Borders”, go to the website of the Peter Emily International Veterinary Dental Foundation at www.peteremilyfoundation.org

This is a view of our dental treatment area in Santa Fe on our first day open in April 2008. Melissa is performing a dental cleaning on “Hana”. We position all of our patients on their back, supported in a soft, padded trough. This allows us to work on all areas of the mouth at one time without disturbing the anesthesia monitors to move them around. The computer monitor for the digital dental radiographs can be seen on the wall.

This is Dr. Bannon when she assisted with a dental procedure on an orangutan named “Ginger” at a zoo in Northern California. She had periodontal disease and needed extraction of several teeth.